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Website Term/ Newest Dictionary Terminology: "Legal Services Officer"-Define, Synonym for "Process Server"  or " Fugitive Recovery Agent" (Bounty Hunter)
 *Much of this website is for pure informational & entertainment purposes.

Note: We are Only Process Servers/Couriers/Legal Services Officers. We are NOT Private Investigators. If you need a Private Investigator please go to the NAPPS.ORG website.
*We are not currently hiring.

  Private Process 4 Hire


Registered Fugitive Recovery Agent 
And Certified Process Server

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Welcome to the Halls of Justice!
York County Court of Common Pleas
45 North George Street, York, Pa.
Halls of Justice
Rain,  Sleet, Even Snow...

Private Process at Hershey Pennsylvania State Police Academy
Where it all began...

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We Serve Process At 
York County Prison

Private Process 4 Hire promotes and utilizes 911 as a public courtesy. WE pride ourselves on our quick calling responses related to suspicious activities, auto accidents, injuries, stranded motorists and road side assistance calls... Our coverage area comprises all of York County, all surrounding Pa. counties and surrounding Northern Maryland Counties. As a Free Public Service we act as a second set of eyes and ears for all counties and communities while traveling through them. Just another way PP4H helps our communities. We hope you enjoy this free additional service!
Thank you, PP4H


Lady Justice

Our Beloved Justice System is the Greatest Institution in the entire world. However, at times, she may come off a bit too serious and even appear rather boring on occasion. Here at Private Process 4 Hire we try our very best to make Service of Process a serious but yet fun and enjoyable experience, at least for our employees!  We'd like to introduce to you another business who holds many of the same values. The following is one of the best Youtube "Process Server" videos we've ever seen... Way to go Irving!
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Welcome to Private Process 4 Hire!

Process Servers Harrisburg Pa

*New Service: Private Courier Services

Civil Court Document Filing & Time Stamping-we now offer pickup, Filing & Time stamping with immediate delivery back to you our client. This will be done only at the York County Courthouse, and Lancaster County Courthouse, Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas, Dauphin County and Prothonotary Offices at 101 Market St. Room 101 Harrisburg, Pa. 17101, In the York County Court of Common Pleas at 45 N. George St., York, Pa. 17401. Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas at 50 North Duke St. #4, Lancaster, Pa. 17602 and Dauphin County Prothonotary Please call or email us for a quote today!

Process Servers Harrisburg Pa

Attention: All First Time Clients-Your 1st Service with us must be Mailed to us along with your payment via First Class U. S. Postal Service due to cyber security issues, Exceptions May Be Granted

Attention: Law Firms
Courier/Messenger Services:
For Law Firms -We Pick Up and bring your documents to the Prothonotary to file, date and your documents, Attorney to Attorney delivery, Attorney to Courthouse, Attorney to Corporation, Courthouse to Attorney all with notarized proof of service. We can  assist you with all of your Firms needs. This service allows your Paralegals to remain at your firm where they are needed most. Allow us to do the for you! Please call us for a quote at 717-417-5356

Process Servers Harrisburg Pa

Process Servers Harrisburg Pa
We are a Law Enforcement sponsor and affiliate, Please show your appreciation by supporting your State Trooper, Sheriff's, Police and Fire Departments. Thank you to all of the fine men and women in Law Enforcement.~Owner & Legal Services Officer/Certified Process  Server: Barry E. Roseberry Jr., CEO

Lowest Prices in Our Area...Guaranteed!
Process Servers Harrisburg Pa

{Please see our  living will and P.O.A.  page}
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Barrys 1st Professional Serve in York Pa
Serving a Defendant in York, Pa.


**We Also Offer Photography & Videography of Corporate & Residential Service Targets (see prices page rules)

York Pa Courier Service
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Process servers in York Pa, Process Servers in Harrisburg Pa, Process Servers in Lancaster

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* Photography


* Process Server Statements

* No Serve-No Fee ( excludes incorrect addresses and evasion)
* Attempts (includes 3 attempts per serve, additional attempts at your request for a small fee per attempt)
*Routine Serves typically have a 5 Day or less Time with 3 Attempts, Rush @ 3 Attempts and have a 3 Days or less T.A.T.
*  Postal Checks on Incorrect Addresses at your Request
* Fast & Friendly Quotes
*1  Notary included on All  Serves
* Free Daily Email Updates on the Progress of your Serves
 *First Time Clients receive $5 off 1st serve when you mention this offer
* No Mileage Fees
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Process Servers in York Pa, Process Servers in Harrisburg Pa, Process Servers in Lancaster Pa,
Process Servers in Baltimore Md, Process Servers in Hanover Pa
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Email  (Main Process Service Dept. Email all Documents to this address)
Process Server Guide
Phone Contact: Office (717)417-5356 "We apologize for any missed calls which happen from time to time typically due to Services of Process that are currently in progress." Please leave us a message & we will return your call in the order that it was received. 
Process Server Guide
Mailing Address Private Process 4 Hire,64 Windsor Acres, Windsor, Pa. 17366 <<<(all correspondence & documents to this address)   

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Barry E. Roseberry  CPS, CSI, LSO, CEO                                  

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