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Founder & Owner- Barry E. Roseberry Jr.
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Nationwide Process Servers       
* Please note: First time clients must pay in advance. Once initial service is complete clients will then have 1 week for  payments to be paid to us. Any client who wishes to take longer than 1 week must request and have prior authorization from PP4H. Grievances will be filed after 90 days.Thank you     *All new clients must either pay in advance or email us a copy of the payment check or money order after which services will be fully completed.  All new clients will remain considered as new clients for the first 2 weeks of initial contact. "Special Offers" are susceptible to change. Clients will be notified one month prior to any changes. We reserve the right to any changes with or without notice.  We charge $10 per month for each month that you are late.

Also Note: We utilize and post "Call Back" notices during all attempts on Defendants & Witnesses. This is our only means to prove Evasion and typically results in giving us an extremely high serve rate. No exceptions.
Courier Service York Pa

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Process Server Price List:
Local Prices Below (within 10 Radius of  York, Pa., Covering a total of 56 Zip Codes using 17366 as your starting point).  Prices rise as distance increases. You must call for over our  radius of 17366. Please see and use our radius finder half way down this page to check your defendants/ witnesses zip code using 17366 as a starting point to find correct mileage. Thank you
Courier Service York Pa
Process Servers in York Pa, Process Servers in Harrisburg Pa, Process Servers in Lancaster Pa,

Call: 717-417-5356
York Area Prices: ( radius of 17366):
All Standard Services include a maximum of 3 Attempts and will usually take 5 days or less to serve...Any exceptions must receive prior authorization.
All local clients receive discounts and free pickup of documents for orders in excess of $65. Special deals on We offer Standard & Rush Service.

Prices & Guidelines Below:
$7    Notary Fee- All Clients  Must Request Notarization  If Need Be. As Of 1-1-18. Additional $7 Fee Will Be Applied to Quote

$20  Rush Service Fee  Is An Additional $20

$100 Nationwide Serve

$55 Single Substituted Serve 

$60 Single Corporate Serve
$60 Single Personal Serve
 $15 Per each additional attempt over 3 attempts
$10  Per each additional signed and notarized affidavit (the 1st one is already included in your initial quote)

$25  Process Server Statements (signed & notarized)- added defense that offers everything that you won't see on the affidavit such as color of eyes, color of front door, condition of property, full description of target location, photo of mailbox, photo of intersection signs, full property photos (residential or business), vehicles and a lot more. Describe what you want!  (includes 4 quality photos)

$35  Witness Statements- Clients have 2 choices. Either supply us with a specific witness or we will search for neighbors who are willing to supply us with information. The information will be a statement signed by the witness. This will also include 1 photo of the witness provided that we have their consent. If  possible witness refuses to cooperate we will charge only $25 fee for the service

$2.50  Each Per Photo (Photography)  Your choice of photographs

$10-$25   Videography- Full length (no sound) video with your choice of footage. Pennsylvania laws state that video may be recorded in all public places. Audio is not permitted under most circumstances. When shooting video and speaking with anyone, audio is not permitted without the other parties consent.

See Guidelines Below

Printing Fee:
 *Regarding emailed printing of documents:20 pages included per order, .10 cents per page over 20 pages
Rush Service charge  fee + $20

*$15 for Witness Fee Advances: $60 maximum amount without prior authorization
*$5   Due to the rising cost of fuel and notary fees we will ad an additional $5 to all quotes that require a notarized affidavit of service 

Credit Lines:
* All payments must be paid within 2 weeks of the date on your billing invoice. Any payments paid over  one month late will be charged an additional $10 late fee per  each
 Free Daily Email Update on the Progress of your Serves
*Private Process 4 Hire reserves the right to decline service at any time and for any reason
 * In the event that a client should decide to discontinue/ cancel  a service with us after service begins (service begins upon receipt of  documents), the service will be subject to a fee
* At our clients request we offer photographs of the front view of the Residence or Business being served. Each photo will be $2.50 each. You will need to let us know exactly what you want photographed such as intersection full property view, vehicles etc.

Courier Service York Pa

***Clients Please Note: Regardless of any previously added instructions to us, All completed service copies emailed to you, our client, by Private Process 4 Hire ( Affidavits will be emailed to you before being signed or notarized) they must be reviewed and approved by you prior to us you the completed hard copies.This is mandatory for all to that you receive the very best accuracy, results and customer satisfaction.

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***Prices for other areas may  Slightly vary ... Between 15 & 40 mile radius of York, Pa.  $50-$80 

National Process Servers

We Accept:

Cash or Lots of MoneyCASH, CHECKS or MONEY ORDERS
And E-Checks

We Now Accept Credit Card Payments
On our "Payments Page!"
Safe & Secure

Price Haggle!
"Our prices are not set in stone...If you are not happy with a price, please let us know. We will do everything we can to give you a quote that you will be satisfied with!" B. E. Roseberry
 Courier Service York Pa
                Use15 Mile Radius Finder below before placing order:
                     * Use the Link Below to Click on 15 Mile Radius using 17366 of Radius from York, Pa. area) as your Starting  Point:                                                               

Place Your Order in 3 Easy Steps:

 1) Call or Email us with details regarding of service (Personal, Substituted or Posted) and the zip code to be served. Standard or Rush Service?

2) Get a quote  then either Email or U.S. Mail us your Documents.

3) Receive your results via Email and U.S.First Class Mail.
Courier Service York Pa

64 Windsor Acres
Windsor, Pa. 17366
Call: 717-417-5356

Courier Service York Pa
Orders outside of our radius...please call for a quote.                                                         
Cities Served
Process Service in South Central Pennsylvania Cities: York Pa, Hanover Pa, Lancaster Pa, Harrisburg Pa, Shrewsbury Pa & Gettysburg Pa and surrounding communities! We also do Nationwide Service...

                                                  Counties Served:
 Pennsylvania:York- Adams- Lancaster-Cumberland- Dauphin & Lebanon, Maryland Counties: Baltimore- Harford & Cecil County
Contact us:
 *For Immediate Assistance Contact us (Office) 717-417-5356 or (Email) (If no answer please leave a message, we will promptly return your call or email in the order that it was received)
We sincerely apologize for any missed calls which happen from time to time due to Services of Process that are currently under way.
Mailing Address for All Serves 
64 Windsor Acres, Windsor, Pa. 17366
Phone: 717-417-5356

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This Holds True For State Troopers, Sheriff's, Local Police, FBI (All Law Enforcement Officials), Security Guards, Parking Patrol Officers And Process Servers...
We All Have Our Own Duties And Responsibilities That Play 
Their Own Unique Part In Keeping Our Justice System Functioning Efficiently... So Please Show Us The Respect And Cooperation That We Deserve.

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