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*Special Rates For Our 2018  Bulk/ Higher Volume Clients

From: Barry Roseberry of
Email: PRIVATEPROCESS@GMX.COM Phone: 717-417-5356
Special Rates for 2018
$50……..Any substitutable service within 10 mi. radius
$50…….Any substitutable service between 10-15 mi. ($55 for Personal)
$65…….Harrisburg Pa. Area
$65…….Hanover Pa. Area
$60…….Lancaster Pa. Area
$60…….Shrewsbury Pa. Area
$100.....All single service Nationwide Coverage

*We cover 3 Attempts per serve. $10 per each additional Attempt over 3.

*Multiple Serves at same location= Primary price plus $20 per each additional.

*Notary always included if needed.

*We will cover you up to 25 pages per service and .10 cents per each additional page.

*We normally charge $2.50 per photo…you will be charged $1.50 per photo.

*We normally charge $25 for rush service…you will be charged $20

*We normally charge $25 witness Fee advance… We will extend a maximum of $50 credit towards witness fees.

*We are always willing to work with our clients/ partners in any way possible. If you have any questions please call or email Barry Roseberry.

*Please make checks payable to “Private Process 4 Hire” or pay by Credit Card on last page of website.                                  

* These rates may be subject to change. If changes are necessary we will contact you one month in advance.

Thank you